The Daniel Pattern at Work (Part I)

PatternYour job is an opportunity to show Christ to the world. It is a calling.

The first two chapters of the book of Daniel give us a solid pattern to follow in our professional life. We see this young man who was forced into an environment very different from what he was used to (remind you of your workplace?). But he made choices that honored God and he was ultimately rewarded for it.

Daniel 1:8 “But Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself…”

  • Daniel made up his mind ahead of time to do the right thing. It is far easier for us to make a commitment to do the right thing, ahead of time instead of in the heat of the moment. Better yet, make a public commitment to one or multiple people, to help hold yourself accountable.

Daniel 1:17 “God gave them (Daniel and his fellow abductees) learning and skill in all literature and wisdom…”

  • Scripture is clear that when we ask for wisdom, He will grant it. Our desire should be to do excellent work. We should ask God to help us to be great at what we do, so that He will be honored. A strong work ethic and excellent skills, are the foundation to a credible testimony in the work place.

Daniel 2:14 “Then Daniel replied with prudence and discretion…”

  • This is how Daniel responded as he was sought out to be killed. For something he didn’t do! I struggle to respond with prudence and discretion when people slightly annoy me. Daniel was a wise and mature young man who was obviously under the control of the Holy Spirit.

Resolve ahead of time to do what is right

Be great at what you do

Respond to others with forethought and caution


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